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Portrait of Jenny

Jenny here, founder of the Toolbox Toolbox. My role thus far is building our tenacious team and steering this mothership of methods forward. I am a designer and educator creating events and learning experiences for individuals, schools and businesses within areas such as technology, design thinking, communication, innovation, culture and entrepreneurship.

Jenny Theolin
Founder & Curator
Portrait of Asa

Hi there! I am Åsa. A brand strategist and a digital transformer helping businesses to find and/or strengthen their market fit. My role is to steer this initiative forward and together with the team continuously improving the relevance and the experience for our audiences. When I am not working I spend joyful time with my family.

Åsa Samuelsson
Project Owner
Portrait of Jorik

Hey, I'm Jorik, curator & editor for Toolbox Toolbox. Together with Kat I review and curate toolboxes to feature on our website. I design and facilitate learning experiences for both education and commercial clients. My focus is on collaboration and creating a safe space for everyone in the team.

Jorik Elferink
Curator & Editor
Portrait of Kat

Hi there! I'm Kat, an editor and writer who works on the Toolbox Toolbox team with Jorik to ensure that everything is present and correct. I am one of those pernickety editor types. But I also love to try out new things, so you can find me writing, translating and podcasting, too. I live in the often sunny, sometimes snowy city of Stockholm. I'm passionate about language, learning and the sharing of information.

Kat Trigarszky
Editing & Copy
Portrait of Egle

Hi! I am Egle - community designer and social media manager at the Toolbox Toolbox. My passion lies with building user-centered brands, services and systems. I believe that the key to achieving this is facilitating interactions and engaging with your audiences in a design-driven way. As an ethical innovation and business designer, I believe that our only chance for creating a better future is using the power of design and systems thinking.

Egle Obcarskaite
Community Designer & Social Media Manager
Portrait of Steve

Hello, I'm Steve, I built the website for Toolbox Toolbox and make sure all the new toolboxes get onto the site. I am a designer living in Oxfordshire and spend most of my time either designing identities or doing album covers, or anything that keeps me colouring things in for a living.

Steve Thomas
Website Design
Portrait of Ron

"I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany." - Ron Burgondy

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Portrait of Jodie

"How did you do it? How did you evolve, how did you survive this technological adolescence without destroying yourself?" - Ellie Arroway

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Guest Curator

Portrait of Sudebi Thakurata

I am Sudebi Thakurata, a narrative designer, facilitator, design educator, futurist, writer, and researcher. I love to explore the social, environmental, and cultural aspects of design while facilitating equitable, inclusive, fair, and regenerative possibilities, using different media and forms. For TBTB, I have curated toolboxes designed primarily for international cultural relations, highlighting equity, diversity, inclusion, and fairness, drawing upon my current work leading the design of a Fair Collaborations toolkit in cultural relations for EUNIC.

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